Stay Hungry

Short Film

PRODUCTION | Cody Deer Imagery, Block One Studios
FEATURING | Delaney Hogan (The Dancer), John DiMaria (The Pianist), Ezekiel DiMaria (The Violinist)
DIRECTOR | Cody Deer
DP | Geno DiMaria
KEY PA | Nate Crockett
EDITOR | Geno DiMaria
COLORIST | Cody Deer
MUSIC | Tekapo by Salomon Ligthelm, licensed through MusicBed
VO | Steve Jobs (Harvard Speech, D5 Conference)
SPECIAL THANKS | Peace Love Hip Hop, RLS Gallery, Black Tap Coffee, Leroy Macyzk, Reis Belovich

The Block One Studios’ team is not just talented in film production, they are professional, attentive to detail, flexible and willing to go the distance to get the job done. They become so immersed in a project to ensure they deliver the absolute best product to their clients. I met the founder and producer of Block One Studios, Geno DiMaria, through volunteering for a friend’s project. At our first business meeting, Geno came prepared with questions about my project. Although I knew I wanted to have a short film made about our work in Haiti, the details of the movie were abstract. While taking notes on his phone, I could see the wheels turning in his head about possible storylines. Geno gathered enough information to sketch a plan for filming five weeks later. Less than 48 hours before leaving for Haiti, a personal obstacle kept me from traveling to Haiti with the film crew. However, they changed the storyline and were able to go alone to film without me, while still having me involved in the work. Now, that’s where creativity meets talent meets flexibility!

Marie Denis-Luque

Founder, CHOAIDS