I Will Never Give Up

Marquetta Breslin

Marquetta Breslin wanted people to know her story. She’s a coach and mentor in the beauty industry, helping beauty professionals discover success and innovation in their markets.

She wanted a video that sparked an emotional reaction in her audience, not merely a promotional video highlighting a product or service.

So we dug deep to discover who she is. What challenges has she overcome? How can others relate to her struggles and successes? We crafted our story based on the answers.

Storytelling Structure

We went back to her roots, we asked important questions, and we crafted a video to inspire audiences and evoke an emotional response.

The result? Over 267,000 views on Facebook, over 1,800 likes, and a whole lot of trust earned by allowing audiences to emotionally connect with her as a person. We told a great story – her story.

I Will Never Give Up, on Facebook