Folktale | The Stone Soup Collective

Nonprofit Brand Film

PRODUCTION: Block One Studios
Directors/Producers/Cinematographers: Geno DiMaria, Chad Stembridge
Writers: Renee Orth, Geno DiMaria, Chad Stembridge
Editor: Geno DiMaria
Sound Mixing/Editing: Chad Stembridge, Geno DiMaria
Production Assistants: Mike Luongo, Ezekiel DiMaria
Special Thanks: John Warren, Sweetgrass Garden

Working with people who are passionate about what they do is magical and that is how I’d describe working with Block One Studios. At every step in the process their commitment to creating a work of art was evident and it showed in the final product – a micro-film that captured perfectly our story and our passion for what we do.

Renee Orth

Founder, Stone Soup Collective