Creating videos that get you results.

Move your audience with a story-based approach for commercial video production.

Based in Charleston, SC, telling stories world-wide.

Video production isn’t just a thing we do. It’s the air we breathe — your stories are our passion. When you hire us, you get an experience. It’s personal, artistic, and delivers results.

Video Production Still Frame
Video Production Still Frame

Power of Stories

For thousands of years, humans have been passing down stories from generation to generation: stories that inspire and move people to do great things.

We’re continuing that tradition in new and innovative ways, through film and video.

You’ve got stories to tell. Stories about journeys, experiences, lives. These stories can take many forms: narratives, businesses, products that enrich lives.

Our Approach

We are artists, and in our book, story is first. Every single video is different and has its own specific needs, challenges, and audience.

When you choose Block One to craft any kind of video or film for you, you’re getting an experience. We’ll get to know you and your story, then work with you on a creative plan. We’ve got a fantastic pool of talent, plus the right tools to make it come to life.

Let’s take your videos to the next level.

Video Production Crew
Behind the Scenes Video Production Film Shoot


Continue exploring the site to discover more about our approach and skills. Or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, definitely give us a shout out. We’ll be in touch within a business day to acknowledge your message.

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