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We're based in Charleston, SC for video production...But can travel anywhere in the world to tell your stories!

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Power of Stories

The Power of Storytelling

For thousands of years, humans have been passing down stories from generation to generation: stories that inspire and move people to do great things.

We're continuing that tradition in new and innovative ways, through film and video.

You've got stories to tell. Stories about journeys, experiences, lives. These stories can take many forms: narratives, businesses, products that enrich lives.

Our Approach

Coffe Behind the Scenes

We are artists, and in our book, story is first. Every single video is different and has its own specific needs, challenges, and audience.

When you choose Block One to craft any kind of video or film for you, you're choosing an experience. We'll get to know you and your story, then work with you on a creative plan. We've got a fantastic pool of talent, plus the right tools to make it come to life.

Let's take your videos to the next level.

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Geno DiMaria

Geno DiMaria

843.991.2379   //   Email

Drone Operator
Ronin Operator

Geno made his filmmaking debut with his dynamic, 12-year-old adaptation of Lord of the Rings, shot in glorious Hi-8 tape format. Just the beginning of his storytelling journey, he’s gone on to capture - in various capacities - short films; commercials; documentaries; a feature film; reality television shows; promotional videos; weddings and events, and more. He has worked internationally and is slated to have his work featured in Scottsdale, AZ’s ‘Museum of the West’ sometime in 2015.

He’s also in love with a beautiful woman named Laura.

Above all (except Laura), he loves stories, no matter what form they take. And he loves collaborating with others in order to tell them with utmost professionalism and excellence.

Dominic DiMaria

Dominic DiMaria

843.991.8071   //   Email

Assistant Camera

Final Cut Pro Certified

Dominic was raised by wolves in the mountains of Arizona. Or so the legend goes. Some would argue the validity of the story, but, hereafter, we’ll stick to just the facts and let the reader decide what lore to believe.

With a keen sense of contrast, Dominic excels at bringing a cinematic presence to all the projects he writes and directs, even the most commercial of jobs. His photography also emphasizes this idea as he has focused on studying contrast via black and white photography in an increasingly digital and color world.

In the time he spends away from his writing, directing, and photography projects, Dominic enjoys discovering new places and has a special love for Western nature. If he can’t travel, you’ll find him climbing at his local bouldering gym, studying great films, or reading classic literature. Or what he considers to be classic literature. Maybe a little of both?

He's also been run over by a car, so he now sports a brilliant bionic smile. Truth? Remember, we promised only the facts.

Chad Stembridge

Chad Stembridge

843.714.4182   //   Email

Glidecam/Steadicam Op
Drone Operator

Final Cut Pro Certified

What began with a Handycam and papier-mâché Pharaoh crown somehow wound up turning into a career for Chad. He started out gung-ho, made a few short films, realized they were terrible — then settled in for the long haul of learning the art of storytelling.

Several years into the journey now, he's worked on numerous short films, documentaries, and promotional films. He's adept at operating Glidecam/Steadicam, general cinematography, and screenwriting. In 2014, a promo he made won a Bronze Telly Award.

Samantha, his wife, manages to keep up with Chad's adventures. In 2015, they welcomed baby Eason into this big and curious world!



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As you'll see, we're quite versatile — and story is always at the heart of what we craft.

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ESPN   Cystic Fibrosis Foundation   The Brennaman Group   Park West Dentistry   Advantage Media Group   KLC Video Productions   Rainbow Resource Center   Rite of Passage Productions   That Frank Guy   US Courts   Peoria Bach Festival